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Denial of Service attacks

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My firewall (blackice pro V 3.6) CONSTANTLY shows denial of service attempts on my PC. The network activity is always bouncing according to the logs and most of them seem to be directed at the MySql service. The specific recorded info is:



[Denial of Service] This event looks for a UDP packet with destination port 1434 whose 1st byte is 0x04 and whose length is greater than the configurable value ssrp.stackbo.threshold. The default threshold value is 96.


Blackice suggests that I update to [Microsoft]Service pack 2 for SQL, but I have a feeling that wont help me.


Does anyone know what I can do to protect myself from these? I would hope my firewall is nullifying those attacks, but i would sleep easier if less attempts were seen in the logs each morning. This morning shows 33 attempts at my service, a record so far.

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