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Number of days

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In my users table in my mysql database I have the field "created", in the format of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (which upon inserting a new record uses NOW() as a default) resulting in a format of 2006-03-21 12:48:14.
I use this as when a member registers it automatically places the date and time within.

Now what I need is to create a php page with all the members information, including the number of days they have been a member.

I've tried to place the created date into a variable and used NOW(), DATE(), TIME(), CURDATE(), CURTIME() etc to get the current date (subtracting one from the other) but it doesnt seem to work when trying to subtract the two dates.

Also I need the result displayed in number of days.

Anyone know how I can proceed to achieve this?

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[code]SELECT ( TO_DAYS(CURDATE()) - TO_DAYS(created) ) as totaldays[/code]

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