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Pick font type in drop down list

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I want the user to pick a font type, at the moment I have it in check boxes but I prefer to have it in a drop down list.

But the key is to have each font option displayed in their own style. Any Ideas ?

here is my current code:
<b>Choose a Font Style for your Text:</b>
<font face= arial>Arial</font>&nbsp;
<input name="fontType" type="checkbox" id="sel_templateA" value="arial">

<font face="Bookman Old Style">Bookman Old Style&nbsp;</font>
<input name="fontType" type="checkbox" id="sel_templateA" value="Bookman Old Style">

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Comic Sans&nbsp;</font>
<input name="fontType" type="checkbox" id="sel_templateA" value="Comic Sans MS">

<font face="Courier">Courier&nbsp;</font>
<input name="fontType" type="checkbox" id="sel_templateA" value="Courier">

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i think i understand what you're after, but two things spring to mind:

a) this belongs in the HTML/CSS forum, as there's no sign of, or no apparent need for, any PHP
b) i'm not sure how different browsers fare with this one, but i don't actually think it's possible to do what youre after (ie, display each list box option in their own font). alternatives? have a 'preview' next to the list box, or stick with your first method.

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