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saving php files.

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this is going to sound like a really simple question but when you have a page which includes php do you just save it as php, like you you htm?


also this may be in the wrong section but i wouldn\'t know where to post it... right i have reasently got myself hosted independantly....(previously hosted by a friend) and i am baffled by the control pannel! Also i am doing an on line course in php and it says that when writing the time and date function...




$today = date(\"j/n/y\")

print(\"The current date is: $today\");



that you have to write out a load of othr stuff first like a-\"am\" or \"pm\", A - \"AM\" or \"PM\" etc but it doesn\'t say how to save it or where to upload it to on my site either using ftp or my control pannel.


i hope that someone understand what i have just said and can help.

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sorry i am useless at explaining thing.


i am doing this course on php and am currently learning how to use the date and time function. The course states that in order to use this i have to write out the meaning of each little bit for example D-day of the week, textual, 3 letter; i.e. \"Fri\".

However it doesn\'t say where i save this info, do i have to write this out on the same page i am using the date function or do i save it seperately like when you use style sheets.


also where do i upload php files when i am uloading them to my ftp....my other basic html files i have uploaded into http docs.


i am a complete novice to all this, i have n\'t had one real lesson in anything to do with making a website, i am teaching myself which is why i am not very good at explaining things


hope i made a little bit more sence?

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