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[SOLVED] Condensing 3 queries into 1 query...maybe???


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Is there anyway to condense these three queries into one query? Or am I limited to running each query individually?


// to get the total number of cards in the database

$countTotalCardsStr = "SELECT COUNT(card_number) FROM user_cards";


// to get a count of all the cards that have been activated

$countActiveCardsStr = "SELECT COUNT(card_number) FROM user_cards WHERE active = 'Y'";


// to get a count of all the cards that have not been activated yet

$countInactiveCardsStr = "SELECT COUNT(card_number) FROM user_cards WHERE active = 'N'";


Thanks in advance!


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You could try:


SELECT active, count(*) FROM user_cards GROUP BY active


Is "active" not null?  If so, then the total will be the sum of Y and N.  If not, then you can't use that shortcut.


The active field is set to a 1 CHAR not null field (I use Y or N). When the card number is initially added to the database (when we first get the cards from our printer), the "active" field is set to N. Then when the customer receives card and "activates" the card, the "active" field is then set to Y. Is this a practical/clean/logical way to set up a scenario such as this? I have been using MySQL for a couple years now, but it was all self-taught, so I have a lot of the fine details to still learn.

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*slaps head* - yes of course btherl


SELECT count(*) AS total_count
     , sum(IF (active = 'Y', 1, 0)) AS total_active
     , sum(IF (active = 'N', 1, 0)) AS total_inactive
FROM card_number;


What do the 2 extra options after 'Y' or 'N' in IF (active = 'Y', 1, 0) mean?

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You can shorten them, too.  The IF() is superfluous as MySQL returns 1 on a true comparison and 0 on a false.


SELECT count(*) AS total_count
     , sum(active = 'Y') AS total_active
     , sum(active = 'N') AS total_inactive
FROM card_number;

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