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Can somebody help with error?

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I\'m a mySQL newbie.


Initially I got errors that said something to the effect of user \"root@localhost\" in not allowed...


Now I am getting something like:


Warning: Host \'host\' is not allowed to this MySQL server in path/file.php on line XX.


I was looking at users on my server (with mysqlcc) and noticed that root didn\'t have a password. There was indication that this was a security vulnerability, so I applied a password. Now I am unable to access the db and I can\'t figure out how to even access the server in order to change users, passwords, etc.


I saw some indication that I need to flush the hosts table but I can\'t even access the server. How can I get access to the server if I don\'t have access to the server (you see my dilemma)?


I\'m on IM if anyone can walk me through it.



David Richard

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confusing. is this on your own personal machine or a hosted machine?

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