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Very Dumb Question

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hello everyone,

I am brand new to php and mysql. I have developed some basic personal web pages in th past using FrontPage but nothing extremely complicated.

I have purchased a beginner's and have begun looking through it, but am curious about the actual form development inside PHP. Can I use a tool such as frontpage or dreamweaver to create what i want and then somehow "connect it" to php and mysql or does everything ususally get created by me doing the coding myself??

Again, i know that this is a dumb question that I will look back on in 6 months and laugh at, but right now, i'm not laughing.

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Yup.. there's no problem with doing that at all..

Create the form in whatever, and normally it will ask you to input the "action" filed ( looks like <form action="somephpfile.php"> )

As you can notice, that's where the "hook up" happens [=

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