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A few things I'm not crazy about:


1) The main font is kind of hard to read.  You can get tricky with fonts... just not too tricky.

2) The main content area doesn't have a lot of definition.  Things are just kind of randomly placed with no clear dividers besides a little extra white space. 

3) You have too many colors going on.  There is no clear color scheme used in the site.

4) Unless you're somehow selling Firefox, get that ugly banner out of the top of the site.  You don't need to shove a browser down someone's throat, especially since it hurts the general feel of your site.

5) No contact form verification.

6) Too much going on with the fonts... there are too many sizes and too many colors.  Be consistent.

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i like it apart from the fonts. the E looks like an I to me because in some cases its so small. try a more clearer font. apart from that, the colors are nice and they blend well except you should try some different CSS for your links because some of them dont fit.

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