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gallery help

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I have a build-your-own-website website and one of the add-ons is a gallery.

In my gallery table I have the following fields:
id, owner, timestamp, filename, thumbname, title, description, category, ordering

Currently it shows the thumbs in a list and the user clicks each thumb and it just opens the fullsize image.

I wanna make a page that you can click a thumb, view the image but also click NEXT or PREVIOUS.

The only way I know of this is if I use a WHERE id=(id+1) type thing.
but these arent always going to be consecitive for that user.

How can I make it so it views the NEXT one thats viewed under ORDERING (ordering is sometimes blank too)

Main SQL for the initial listing:

$query="SELECT * FROM gallery_images WHERE category = '$cat' AND owner = '$usern' ORDER BY ordering DESC LIMIT $offset, $limit";

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Does anyone know how to do this? I just wanna make it so it fetches the next ID in the database.

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