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Updating records in MySQL database using dreamweaver...

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I\'m having troubles getting some records to update in the MySQL database.


As soon as you change the values to all numeric nothing will update. I have 4 fields (ID, model, serial, and location). Each is set to submit as the following:


ID: Integer (primary key)

model: Text

serial: Text

location: Text


In the database columns are set as:


ID: INT (NOT_NULL) Primary

model: TEXT (NOT_NULL)

serial: TEXT (NOT_NULL)



All the updating works fine as long as you keep all fields alphanumeric, as soon as you change one to strictly numeric after that nothing will update.


I can\'t figure this out and I\'m new to PHP/MySQL.


Please help.



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You will have to build your own SQL statement:


$sql=\"UPDATE tablename SET field1 = \'\".$_POST[\'field1\'].\"\', field2 = \'\".$_POST[\'field2\'].\"\' WHERE id_field = \'\".$_POST[\'id_field\'].\"\';\" ;



You should go to http://www.interakt.ro/products/catlist.php?id_pct=2


and download the PHAkt extention (free) which automates a whole lot of database interactions. You have to use a different type of connection to you MySQL database, but it as well is automated. There are tutorials on the site as how to use this powerful tool.


hope this helps.

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