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[SOLVED] Dreamweaver check links sitewide - problems with relative links to index.php

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I looked all over the web, but nobody seems to even acknowledge this problem.


I have a site with relative links to all index.php page.

For example:  <a href="cars/products/">Car products</a>


If I run "check links sitewide" in Dreamweaver 8, it shows hundreds of broken links to reference like the one above.


I looked through all the options, but nothing. I was hoping that there was an option of specifying a link ending in "/"

to check for index.php page in that area, so I don't have to go through so many broken links to figure out which ones are broken, and which ones are just relative paths to index.php pages.


Hopefully there is a PHP/Dreamweaver expert that can help.


Thank you.


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