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hi john010117,

i would respectively request that you not take such a negative tone when helping users of this forum. They are not here to get bad attitudes or to be spoken down too. We all need help from time to time so lets try to keep it positive when helping others.


HI Khalanna,

I experienced the same exact issue you did. After I did some poking around I found the reason to be that php freaks does not have a single authentication system in place, so with the current set up, we all must maintain duplicate accounts on this site. I have made note that it would be great if php freaks could consolidate their users to a single sign on vs the current restrictions. However it seems that its fallen by the wayside. On a side note, the single login is possible however smf forum (which we're on now) doesn't like to work well with others (except a few cms packages that are out there) so this company would need to invest in some time in order to get this done. So the bottom line might be for us users to donate time and or money into developing a solution.


Best of luck to you.



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There was nothing wrong or negative about john's post.  Secondly, we're WELL aware of the abilities of SMF and the option to integrate it into the authentication system for the board.  We've chosen NOT to do this so far because we have an entire tutorials section as well as other portions of the main site that already have a complex set of permissions and whatnot to control how that portion of the site works.


The people that put time into developing the main site donate that time and therefore it is up to those people (myself included) to justify the work that it would take to combine the two.  To rework the main site to integrate further into the forums would require almost a full re-write of the main site.  That's not something I'm prepared to take over at this point in time.


That is the end of this discussion for now and I'd appreciate your understanding in this.

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When you use our web IRC client, you're using an unregistered trial version of jirc, and it costs money to register the software. I'm going to tell you the same thing that I tell everybody who asks about this in the IRC channel: If you'll foot the bill, we'll register the client. Otherwise, I suggest getting xchat (http://www.xchat.org) or mirc (http://www.mirc.com) and use those to connect to ##phpfreaks on irc.freenode.net.

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