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Windows 2003 sp1, php 5 can not connect to mssql server


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Ok this is a weird issue and has me perplexed....I have search the forums but can not find anything related. maybe i can't search right....


Running a windows 2003 server with sp2

mssql 2000

php 5.2.1


The mssql server is on a different machine than the iis 6 server and php5.


I am connecting to the mssql using the basic msconnect function via ip address. When i try to run the php via IE it give a can't connect to server error.


The script was working prior to the installation of sp 2. Uninstalling sp2 is not a viable option.  If i run the script in my editing program from my workstation it works and connects to the server fine. If i run the script from the iis server it fails.


Thanks for any insight you can give on this issue.


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I have been looking for the answer to this question for weeks now and can't find anything. everything worked fine with win 2003 sp1 but as soon as sp2 was installed it cannot connect. it is fine if the scripts are on another machine or the db is on another but just not when they are both on this machine. very frustrating. someone must know the reason?


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We have finally fixed this issue on our server, we tried everything under the sun.  The only way we could fix this was to disable the TCP/IP protocol in the sql server settings.  We have an msde version on our development box so we could not choose named pipes as the default which i believe you can in the full version.  Basically i think SP2 has to use named pipes for connection otherwise it will be very temperamental.  You can set these options in the configuration utitlity that comes with sql server.

Let me know if this works for the rest of you.



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