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Apache... disapearing

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I have no idea whats going on

but Apache just isn\'t working


its weird


I tried to uninstall it then reinstall

however I couldn\'t find anything to uninstall


not only that I tried looking into the regedit

and Apache wasn\'t even in regedit


I\'ve recently re-downloaded the instalation files and re-install


thats not helping anything


I also recently checked the error log


My brother is getting pissed at me saying all my downloading videos and shit I downloaded a virus :roll:



I dunno whats going on


my error log is showing me that a lot of modules have been removed and the httpd.pid has been removed as well as almost all of the files needed to run Apache


does anybody have any ideas??

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I dunno whats goin on

all I know is Apache is running now



things are different


its weird


I\'m getting a parse error where I\'ve never gotten one before and where there is no parse error

and I now no longer have a password on my database


I dunno whats goin on

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