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Not sure what I am Doing

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I am trying to alter some code to try and understand it, I have a page called amend.php, it shows me all records in my table (agent_details), i can type a record number in and then hit submit and it should go to amend1.php, this iswhere it goes wrong, I have tried to edit the coding and I am getting lost, i get an error saying "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\amend1.php on line 62"
here is the amend1.php in full.


$record = $_POST['record'];
echo "Reference Number: $record<br><BR>";

$host = "localhost";
$login_name = "root";
$password = "";

//Connecting to MYSQL

//Select the database we want to use
mysql_select_db("performance_tracker") or die("Could not find database");

$result=mysql_query(" SELECT * FROM agent_details WHERE IDNumber='$record'");
while ($i < $num) {

// collect all details for our one reference
$thumb=mysql_result($result,$i,"Date Of Birth");

$f='<font face=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica size=2 Color=Blue';

//next we display only the details we want to allow to be changed in a form object
// the other details that we won't allow to be changed can be echoed to the screen
//note the hidden input line 3 below. We don't need to echo it to the screen


<FORM ACTION="amend2.php" METHOD="post">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="IdNumber" VALUE="<? echo "$record" ?>">
<BR>Agent Name:<BR><TEXTAREA NAME="AgentName" COLS="50" ROWS="4">
<? echo "$description"?></TEXTAREA></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">Description:<BR>
<TEXTAREA NAME="ud_text2" COLS="50" ROWS="4"><? echo "$text2"?></TEXTAREA></P><HR><B>
</B><P ALIGN="LEFT">Thumbnail:<BR> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ud_thumb" VALUE="<? echo "$thumb"?>" SIZE="30" MAXLENGTH="50"></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">Image
1 :<BR> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ud_img1" VALUE="<? echo "$img1"?>" SIZE="30" MAXLENGTH="50"></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">Image
2 :<BR> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ud_img2" VALUE="<? echo "$img2"?>" SIZE="30" MAXLENGTH="50"></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">Image
3 :<BR> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ud_img3" VALUE="<? echo "$img3"?>" SIZE="30" MAXLENGTH="50"><BR><BR>
</P><P><INPUT TYPE="Submit" VALUE="Update the Record" NAME="Submit"> </P></FORM></TD></TR></TABLE>


can someone please tell me what I have or havnt done and how to get it show the record in a table, that I have selected on amend.php, as I believe this is what it is trying to get me todo, but i can get it to work.


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First find the error . Replace

[code]$result=mysql_query(" SELECT * FROM agent_details WHERE IDNumber='$record'");[/code]



$sql= "SELECT * FROM agent_details WHERE IDNumber='$record' ";
echo $sql;

$result=mysql_query ($sql) or die (mysql_error()); [/code]

Another thing

while ($i < $num) {[/code]

If $i=0, then 0 will always be less than $num , correct ?

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