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kristin Lai

query syntax with LIMIT

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I'm trying create a query that pulls data that fit certain criteria but only pulls so many at a time. I know this means using the LIMIT statement but I don't know what the exact syntax would be. Right now I have:

$queryImg = "SELECT * FROM images LIMIT $limitValue, $f_limit WHERE subID=$subID AND imgFeatured='no'";

I'm getting an error thought so I need to figure out what's wrong with my syntax.

Any suggestions?

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Just put it at the end. You may also want to use an ORDER BY clause. You can do ORDER BY RAND() if you want to display random images.

[code]SELECT * FROM images WHERE subID='$subID' AND imgFeatured='no' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $startrow, $rows_to_return[/code]

Also watch your quoting, leaving $subID bare could expose you to an SQL injection attack, even with magic quotes turned on.

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