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sending and recieving PHP variables externally

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Hello all,

I have a problem here hope someone can help. I am trying to do the following and not sure if this is possible.

Here is the scenario:

I have three websites in my network and want to display contents of one website on all others. So what I want is:

1. Website A have a php function which queries or pings (whatever is right here) with a code (www.example.com?code=2) to a specific page on website B.

2. The page on website B selects a data from local database according to the code passed by the wesite A and returns it in multiple variables.

3. Website A function then uses these returned variables to display this data on this website.

So basically I will build a page on main website which accepts special codes and returns a random data according to that code. And the website which requests this data uses the variables returned.

If it is possible, I will be really thankful for your suggestion.

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