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RANT II - Curse of the Undead Websites!

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The web is getting WAAAAAAY too cluttered with out of date garbage!!!

Just today I was searching for some info on using sound in web pages, and came across a site that I thought was really helpful, until I noticed it started to talk about Netscape 1.1 and then scrolled down to the bottom and found a little note saying that it was LAST UPDATED IN AUGUST 1995!!!!

Last weekend I was searching for sites devoted to the use of my favorite 3D modelling and animation program, and came across a site devoted to the "latest" version 2.0 of the program, WHICH CAME OUT IN 1996!!!!! Just for yucks I clicked on some of the links to related sites and resources and all of them were DEAD!!!

Last week I looked around for new sites devoted to my favorite rock band, and found something that talked about tour dates in the late 1990s!!!

I seem to be finding more and more of this stuff, all of it wasting time and bandwidth as I and others try to Google for timely information on various things.

From now on it ought to be standard good web design practice to incorporate a "sunset timer" in the script which just refuses to load the page if it has not been changed (as in overwritten) for, say, more than five years, and sends an email to the webmaster's last known address reminding him/her/it to either update the stupid thing or take it down!

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