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PHP and the phone?

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Hello all. I recently had my first experience using PHP. It's a script that processes information from a form when a submit button is clicked. (formats data and sends this data to an e-mail address)

I was wondering, is there any system out there, either modules, extensions, code snippets etc that would allow me to send a voice or text message to a telephone instead of an e-mail address?
Here's what I would like to do:
When someone fills in a contact form on a website and submits it, a pre-determined person will receive both an e-mail (I've done that) and a phone call (pre-recorded message or a text message etc)
I believe I've found a few 'pay services' that offer this. i can also 'reverse engineer' my own home voice mail system to ring my phone when I get an e-mail. (easiest way) But, I wondered if there's a system that any PHP coders have implimented?

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