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Changing value with an onmouseover

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I'm trying to make a phpBB editor type editor. I've got everything working except a script which is supposed to change the value of a text box depending on what button the user hovered over.
Any help much apreciated

JS Script:
[code]function tagHelp(name, usage){
    eval("window.document.form."+name+".value = 'Usage: "+usage;+"'");

[code]                    <tr>
              <td class="login"><input type="button" value="Bold" name="bold" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'[b]Bold Text[/b]\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[b]\', \'Bold*\', \'[/b]\', \'Bold\', \'bold\');" class="submitbutton" />
              <input type="button" value="Paragraph" name="par" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'Text [p] More text\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[p]\', \'Paragraph\', \'[p]\', \'Paragraph\', \'par\');" class="submitbutton" />
              <input type="button" value="URL" name="url" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'[url=http://www.url.com]URL Text[/url] OR [url]http://www.url.com[/url]\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[url]\', \'URL*\', \'[/url]\', \'URL\', \'url\');" class="submitbutton" />
              <input type="button" value="Center" name="cen" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'[center]Centered Text[/center]\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[center]\', \'Center*\', \'[/center]\', \'Center\', \'cen\');" class="submitbutton"/>
              <input type="button" value="Italic" name="it" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'[i]Italic Text[/i]\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[i]\', \'Italic*\', \'[/i]\', \'Italic\', \'it\');" class="submitbutton" />
              <input type="button" value="Underline" name="und" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'[u]Underlined Text[/u]\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[u]\', \'Underline*\', \'[/u]\', \'Underline\', \'und\');" class="submitbutton" />
              <input type="button" value="Quote" name="qut" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'[quote=Name]Quoted Text[/quote] OR [quote]Quoted Text[/quote]\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[quote]\', \'Quote*\', \'[/quote]\', \'Quote\', \'qut\');" class="submitbutton" />
              <input type="button" value="Image" name="img" onmouseover="javascript:tagHelp(\'use\', \'[image]http://www.url.com/image.jpg[/image]\');" onclick="javascript:tag(\'b\', \'[image]\', \'Image*\', \'[/image]\', \'Image\', \'img\');" class="submitbutton" />

The HTML is in a PHP echo.

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if you're wanting to perform it when on hover
you should use onMouseOver instead of MouseOut

and also on your script
[code]function tagHelp(name, usage){
    eval("window.document.form."+name+".value = Usage: usage;");

usage should be outside the quotes the same as name
like so
[!--quoteo--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]function tagHelp(name, usage){
eval("window.document.form."+name+".value = Usage:[!--coloro:#FF0000--][span style=\"color:#FF0000\"][!--/coloro--][b]"+usage+"[/b][!--colorc--][/span][!--/colorc--];");

and if I'm not mistaken you should have to put single quotes around the new value
[!--quoteo--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]function tagHelp(name, usage){
eval("window.document.form."+name+".value = [!--coloro:#3366FF--][span style=\"color:#3366FF\"][!--/coloro--]'Usage:"+usage+"'[!--colorc--][/span][!--/colorc--];");


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Yes i changed it to onmouseout instead of over to see if it would make a difference. Just forgot to update it :S.

Changed it to what you suggested and it still didn't work.

Updated the code above.

NVM typo.

Thanks v. much.


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