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passing members login info to members area

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I have tried many many different things. I have a login form all of this works ex. verification, validation all that. This is what I am having problems with:

I have a login form with two text fields one named loginid and the other password with a submit button

I need the info that the member inputs into the loginid text field to be passed to the members area so they can update all of their own information and not anyone elses.

I have tried using URL Parameters but they just mess up my page. I have used URL pararameters before and worked fine but the server behavior in Dreamweaver 8 "to add the service of loging in a member" when puting in the URL parameter in the field that says where do you want go go when the login is successful.

I might be all twisted up here I dont know. If someone can just tell me what is needed to pass the information on then I could research it and figure it out.


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please post your code so we can see what you are working with and see if we can figure out the problem

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