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Hi, I am a complete noob when it comes to using webserver programs. However I really want to learn how to use them because I am starting to learn how to make somewhat decent webpages and am tired of my school webpage space allotment. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good guide on how to get all this tuff set up. I have the manuel from the apache site and it hasn\'t helped me all that much. I did however register a domain, and I also know the dns server\'s address. However, I was wondering what else I need to have for this to work, and what settings I need to set to make my webpage show up to the world. Currently I am on cable through a router, so I am not too sure how to determine what IP to use, and such. Also, how do I set the directory on my server computer from which the webpage will pull its files? Any suggestions, help comments etc are welcome. Please email me if you fell like thats neccesary. Thanks ahead of time.

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to ease the struggle ten-fold. Buy a second HD and install Linux on it. For newbs, RedHat 9 is THE sh*t. Install it correctly, launch a few apps, and there ya go, instant webserver.


About being behind a router, that\'s no real problem, as long as you forward port 80 (and any other ports you need) to your ethernet IP.


The only other setting you\'ll really have to change is some DNS stuff. For which i highly recommend you use www.sitelutions.com free DNS management. It\'s far more comprehensive, complete, and easy to use than ANY DNS control panel \"built in\" to the registrar. All you gotta do is change two IP settings and some nameservers and badabing badaboom, your site is up.


I\'ve done this myself, so take it from me, it\'s easier than I\'ve said it to be.


Keep in mind it\'s more secure, faster, and easier, and safer to just buy a hosting account. That requires you to do next to nothing (just change nameservers) , just start uploading!


Also, if you have your heart set on hosting your site in Windows with IIS...then don\'t say I didn\'t warn ya

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