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Okay, I'm a pretty big PHP Noob, I only know the total basics, so i was wondering if someone could help me (or write the code for me :P )

I need a script that can be used to people type in a Title, and a Message, they click submit, they get logged into a specified myspace account, a bulletin is posted with the title/message, and then they are logged out so they can't use the other features of the account.

Any help would be awesome :)

edit: wrong forum sorry
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MySpace doesn't allow anything to be posted other than HTML/CSS/Javascript (all client-side code), so you would need to use one of those technologies as far as posting goes, but you could definitely setup a form and PHP script on your own server to automate the task of logging into MySpace and submitting a new bulletin.
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I've automated this process using HTTPUnit library in Java. I then implemented an interface to the Java code in PHP, and have something that could do what you're after.

Instead of giving you the code, feel free to ask questions. I'd be happy to help with any specific pieces you're interested in.
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