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[SOLVED] double spacing problem with dreamweaver 8

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This is stupid and has been driving me crazy. Can anybody tell me when you type in text on a web page it automatically double spaces my paragraph? I have a tough time trying to get it to single space. 


It does this......                                But I want this.........

8KW-Marine                                      8KW-Marine

                                                      Model 6HKP08/1PF1P

Model 6HKP08/1PF1P


This stupid does this alot.

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I guess you are using the Design View. By default when you press the Enter button DW adds in Paragraph tags. If you want to add a line break I think you Press Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter can't remember which key combination it was.


If you want to enter Line breaks by default I think you can change that behaviour by going to Edit > Preferences

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