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Synchronization & Auto refresh

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Hi all,
I am creating a website using PHP/MYSQL.
This website is something in which users submit stories. Other users can read the stories submitted by others.
They may tag a story that they like.
I have a problem with this.
If an user tags a story, the count gets incremented in his page, but if a simultaneous user is online in another system, he can't see the updated count value unless he refreshes his browser.
I was just wondering whether there is someway of making it dynamic, where the other user's window automatically updates the count value then and there, wherein he doesnt need to refresh the browser.

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I used the meta tag to auto refresh my frame.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30">

which refreshes my page every 30 seconds

Yeah I can use that, but it has to be faster than that. It should be updated instantly. I can put the refresh rate = 1, but thats too much refreshing. I am looking for some other solution. Thanks for your help.

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even i need to modify my application.

instead of using auto-refresh i was thinking of triggering an event which calls the refresh function.

the auto-refresh looks very irritating to the user's eye, especially with high refresh rates.

if any1 has a better solution, do let me know too.


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