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using phpbb forum on vps host

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Hi all

hope you can help with this problem.

we were using a phpbb forum on a shared server for years and used the same one on each server we went to, we then went over to a vps server, because we were getting sql connection errors and max question resource errors due to the limits on the shared server.

so phpbb was installed and databases copied over and the forum was up and running, but within a few days users were having login problems, either being randomly logged out and/or viewing new posts and then going back to find the others had been marked as read.

needless to say its getting very frustrating for some of our users, its only happening to a few of them not all.
we have tried new cookie settings and new session files all without success, there is a topic on phpbb.com about other sites having this issue but even phpbb havent had a solution to give??
they say on that topic that phpbb isnt 100% compatable and some servers dont work correctly, and some of the users are saying its a glitch in the code, but we have been using the code for years with no problems, im assured by the server that its setup to use sessions correctly and cookies and should be running the forum fine.
so does anyone have any ideas??

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