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*SOLVED* Have I been burned?

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Although I've been learning php its not what I do and I'm stuck. I want to move the hosting of my site [a href=\"http://www.franceconnections.co.uk\" target=\"_blank\"]FranceConnections[/a] from the current hosts and developers to cutt my costs. But there is a problem.

After restoring the backup on another server the site doesn't work quite right. All the pages are there, the navigation etc is fine, all the files look right and the data is all intact.

However, when you try and display [b]some[/b] records the dialogue loops back to the home page. First I was told that it was probably due to a security feature that encrypted the URLs but when I pointed out that it only affected some records and pretty well randomly so far as I could see the response was that it was probably to do with the version of php. Well that makes little sense either although the new server is a lot more recent. I have heard rumours that other people who wanted to move never got their sites working again and had to rewrite them so I'm obviously worried.

The temporary url is [a href=\"http://www.employment.me.uk/\" target=\"_blank\"]Temp Location[/a] and you will see that even on the home page some of the recent postings loop and some are fine.

I have found a function called "encrypted url" and it certainly looks odd but might be harmless - anyone fancy a look?

There's a few beers in it for anyone who sorts it.


function encrypted_url($sURL = "")
logg(basename(__FILE__)."[".__FUNCTION__."]", LOWLEVEL);

$oEncrypt = new Encryption();
$sNewURL = "?en=";

if ($sURL == "")

logg("Before Encryption: ".$sURL, LOWLEVEL);

// $sNewURL .= rawurlencode($oEncrypt->encrypt(YEK, $sURL, 32));
$sNewURL .= rawurldecode(base64_encode($oEncrypt->encrypt(YEK, $sURL, 64)));

logg("After Encryption: ".$sNewURL, LOWLEVEL);

return $sNewURL;

function decrypted_url()
logg(basename(__FILE__)."[".__FUNCTION__."]", LOWLEVEL);

$oDecrypt = new Encryption();
// $aURLElements = array();

logg("Before Decryption: ".$_GET['en'], LOWLEVEL);

if (!isset($_GET['en']))

// if (($sURL = $oDecrypt->decrypt(YEK, rawurldecode($_GET['en']))) == "")
if (($sURL = $oDecrypt->decrypt(YEK, base64_decode(rawurldecode($_GET['en'])))) == "")

$aURL = explode("&", $sURL);

foreach ($aURL as $sVal)
$sKey = substr($sVal, 0, strpos($sVal, "="));

global $$sKey;
$$sKey = substr($sVal, strpos($sVal, "=")+1);
// $aURLElements[$sKey] = substr($sVal, strpos($sVal, "=")+1);

logg("After Decryption: ".$sKey."=".$$sKey, LOWLEVEL);


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