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PHP MVC Conundrum

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I have been working on a PHP MVC framework for a while and have come across some questions that I can't seem to answer for my self.

Now ... here is an explanation of the basis of the framework.

Handles all of the data manipulation -- DB abstraction, retrieving remote xml feeds, crypto and so on.

Pipes all the requests to the proper places and data back to the proper View parsers. For the most part it's all gateways such as an HTML gateway, AJAX/JSON gateway, AMFPHP gateway

This is very broken up because it can be handled by PHP templates, Flash, JavaScript

Now here is where things get fuzzy :)

XML output from the PHP framework. Technically in the grand scheme you would think this was Data from the model being sent thru the controller to whatever view will end up using it (for example Flash/AJAX). But it leaves the PHP system in the same manner as html would from the server side.

So what is this? Is it model data or view?

I believe hearing other points of view may help me design this better. Thanks in advance for the input

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