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Please critique this site for me.,..


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It looks great. Now how are the oval edges created?


They are images. Made in PS.


Design is nice :)

When you click on email address in the order form a javascript alert open and tells you that you need to put in your name email and telephone



Thanks Ill fix that.


Thanks a lot,


Any contructive critism?



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Great looking site!!!   I'm not a big fan of the green on brown, but everybody likes different things. :)


There are a couple of spelling errors:



greatly benificial to our customers and us.




are then free to move to another providor or stay will us



I didn't proofread the whole site - those are just two words that jumped out at me.



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Nice Web 2.0 design aesthetic there-very modern and fresh, which is great for something like this. The CSS is used a lot in the site, but not quite evenly-for example, you specify the background color in the body element for some reason. You'll want to run all your code through the W3C validator-it isn't valid XHTML. That gradient between the green box and the brown content box feels kinda empty though. There's no footer though, which while it isn't bad, feels like a missed opportunity; also, a portfolio page would be crucial for something like this to succeed. Aside form that, great job here.

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