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Another review please


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So finally started adding content to my blog (first one I've done).  Would love to get some ideas and thougths about the look and feel, the usefulness and what your first impressions are.  Any and all comments are welcome.




Thanks and look forward to your help.

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Maybe it's just me, but as far as I can tell nothing has changed since the last time I looked except for the Continue Reading link. My previous comments still stand. Weirdly, your "Essentials" container is empty; also, your content seems to just be a bunch of pictures of products.

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Hey moberemk,


thanks for taking a look again.  Actually I started adding content to the site so that's the difference.  I'm still working on improving the header, but it will take some time.  Really haven't come up with good one  yet.


I removed the links from the "essentials" container because it wasn't ready.  I will add it in a day or so.


The goal of the site is to show people fun and interesting stuff they can do with their photos. Each post is about an application/website that will allow you to do something interesting with your photos. Clicking on an image goes to the site I'm talking about where a user can play with their images. Seems to me, based on your observations, that I'm not getting that point across.  Any suggestions?

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Hi all, just a quick update.  I think we got the glitches in the header fixed (main image was not quite positioned correctly and we had some weird image loading problems).  Anyway it looks to be working in ff and IE.  If anyone could verify this that would be great.  Also if anyone has a sec to check it out in safari and Opera that would be great as well.  As always, any additional thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. 

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Ah, so I think your talking about the "MyPhotoMojo Daily Blog" in the header.  Need to add some glossyness there.  Not the whole site.  Is this correct?  I'll work on something.  What about the rest of the site and homepage?  Do you feel you understand what the site is about when first seeing it.  In other words, what was your first impression about what the site was about?

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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