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Download file update dastabase url and form.

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if you wanted to download a file via the form or the url how do you do that then update the database colum by one.

if a user press a link click here they get the file, Then the database gets a 1 in a colum and then it increments as people download the same file updating that colum.

and in another colum with the number starting at 1000 a count down happens on any file downloaded a 1 is tacken away from the 1000.

Code example BUT NEEDS HELP for download file and update database by 1 then total_downloads - 1 from 1000.



$link="<a href='http://$filename'>get file</a>";

echo $link;

if ($_post($filename) {

$result = mysql_query("UPDATE download_info SET how_meny_times='+1'")
or die(mysql_error());

} elseif {

($_post($filename) {

$result = mysql_query("UPDATE download_info SET total_downlaods='-1'")
or die(mysql_error());


// In how_meny_times field got the number o.

// In total_downloads field got the number 1000 in.


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I think easiest way would be to have two pages. One page listing downloadable files, then when a user clicks a file they are redirected to another page which updates the database and serves them the file.

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