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Hi there!


Its very new and only just starting to get there!




I need help to get rid of the "Click To Activate Now" eolas fix!


This is php and the html fix with a js file doesn't seem to do the trick??




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it doesn't LOOk too bad, but i have to echo what moberemk said already - there are a fair few bits of mess all over the shop.


also - you need to seriously look into image optimisation. your background image alone is nearly 2MB in size, and your header image/logo is over 220KB and in BMP format. at least make it a JPEG or something - even on my reasonably fast BB connection, it just takes ages to load and looks ugly whilst it's doing it. i pity those that stumble on your site that are on a dialup connection.

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I think it looks like total crap. I don't understand people who simply put down some images together and don't do their homework. Before you even continue doing this website you need to read some basic books about webdesign. What CSS is, why you need to optimize images, and what the right colors is just some of the things you gotta learn.


Overall, the website hurts my eyes. I can't take in the starry bacground, and the nearly 2mb background picture is rediculous! The header picture is actually quite good learning. You might need to change the font style. I don't like the way the log in is made. You should have the login straight from that page, although I know that is a bit dificult to do.


Sorry if I was a bit tough on you, but when I first started out, I got my head beaten for doing some of the things you did. At least you didn't use absolute positioning by using Dreamweaver + layers... That's what I did... its just wrong...

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