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New PHP MYSQL devotee needs help

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Good day all.

I am very new to this php-mysql language, having come from using frontpage as my designer. I recently switched to dreamweaver after hearing folks sing its praise. I am now building a website with mysql database which I have already created, having used phpmyadmin(great tool), I have also layed out my pages but my problem is getting the login and data display pages to work. The data insertion works like a breeze, but I cannot seem to get the right way to get deamweaver setup these other pages correctly, because I want to use a username and password criteria to display data from the mysql database when user logs in, and only his data, hence the username and password criteria. The most I can get from dreamweaver is to use only password, via the recordset. When I try advanced mode it crashes because I cannot get the parameters correct. I used to do this fine and well with frontpage and access database. I wonder if I shouldn't go back to frontpage and access, it served my purpose only that I want to try new technologies in webdesign. I would appreciate any and all help anyone can render towards solving this problem. In a nutshell I need to display user data when he logs in with his username and password.

Thank you all.

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If am not mistaken, basically you want a profile page to show up of this persons data? Try this, as the profile page:

$username = $_SESSION['username']; //grabs the username from previous page

//Grab user Data
$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username'"; // grabs data where username is selected
		$result = mysql_query ($query);
		$row = mysql_fetch_array ($result, MYSQL_ASSOC);
		if ($result) 
			$_SESSION['username'] = $row[username]; //change session to row
			$_SESSION['password'] = $row[password];
   <br />
   USERNAME: <? print $_SESSION['username']; ?><br /> 
 PASSWORD: <? print $_SESSION['password']; ?><br /> 

You can also change the $query to

	$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username'" AND password='$password'";

if you want to match both of them/"hightened" security.


Whooh, hope that helps somewhat. ^_^;

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