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Logo Critique


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I was hoping I could get some critique on my logo picture. I just finished making it but I don't know. The background is going to be black. It is suppose to represent a beast like scar marks and the furry type of idea. Website is BeastIt.com .


Its the second attached. The first one for some reason is incorrectly formatted.


[attachment deleted by admin]

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"Beast It" is going to be a community website. Where people would be able to sign up and do many different things. Each member would become a "beast" a made up ranking system. The more you do on the site the more points you make and the higher ranking you do. Users would also be able to duel or fight other members.


This isn't going to be porn. For some reason, this is like some haunting ghost where everyone hears "Beast It" and are like 'That's porn." Trust me, it isn't.

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Some minor suggestions:


1) use antialiasing on the text in the font. it will make it look much neater.

2) use a darker red and possibly a vertical gradient on the scars.

3) make the leftmost scar a bit wider at the top.


Otherwise a nice logo. I like the reflection of the letters, it looks nice and iTunesy (yes thats' a word).

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