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Urgent help needed!

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Hey. I\'m new to MySQL, and trying to teach myself from a book. The problem is, i can\'t seem to get it to run properly. I have MySQ 4.0.4 beta running on Windows 98.


The thing is, the book tells me to run WinMySqlAdmin which automatically runs the mysqld-opt server. So i do. Except when the server is running it slows down my comp. and when i try to connect to the server in DOS it just sits there and doesn\'t do anything. I am typing mysql -u j (my username) -p

I then type my password at the prompt which is also j.

I\'ve tried variations of this command. For example - mysql -h localhost -u j -p but still the same.


If i don\'t have the server on, when i try these commands to connect to the server i get the error \"ERROR 2003: Can\'t connect to MySQL server on \'localhost\' (10061)\" which makes sense since the server isn\'t on. but as i said, when the server is on, it just sits there and i get no feedback. and i have tried all the commands which are supposed to write errors to a text file etc - but still nothing. Now if i close the mysqld-opt server i get the error about where it has lost contact with the server during a query which also makes sense.


The strange thing is, i spent hours trying to get this all to work, and then the next day i somehow got it to work in no time. I was connected to the server and everything and there was no sign of slowdown. I could issue the mysql commands and stuff. The thing that\'s strange is, when i asked it to connect to the server, i could have sworn there was no server running so i am bamboozled. I have no idea what it is i am doing wrong. I am really desperate and would appreciate any help on getting the whole thing working correctly so i can teach myself it.


I\'m really desperate here and don\'t know where else to turn. I\'ve read the manual countless times and am getting nowhere.


Thanks in advance.

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