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problem sending

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heres my code it wont send the mail once and awhile it will but 90% of the time it wont

$ToMail = $_POST['email'];
$FromMail = "From : registration@cloydfamily.com";
$FromName = "The Cloyds";
$Subject = "New Member at CloydFamily.com";
$headers ='From: webmaster@cloydfamily.com' . "\r\n" .
   'Reply-To: support@cloydfamily.com' . "\r\n" .
$Message = "Hi,\n\n".
"Welcome To The Site CloydFamily.com ".
"Heres Your Information For Loging In".
" But Before You Do You Must Confirm/Verify Your Account:\n".
"First Name: ".$_POST['firstname']."\n".
"Last Name: ".$_POST['lastname']."\n".
"Email Address: ".
"password: ".$_POST['password']."\n\n".
"Copy And Paste The Link Below To Confirm Your Account, or Click On The Link Below\n".
mail($ToMail,$Subject,$Message,"From : The Cloyd's");

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I can't see anything specifically wrong, but here's a generic debugging tip.

Comment out all your extras and get an absolutely basic function working. Then add back you extra bits one-by-one until it stops working and then the last bit you added back is where you need to look for the glitch. Bear in mind that sometimes there are more than one issue.

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