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Case Sensitivity in Names on Win 2K

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:? Hy. I\'m new to this forum!

Sorry for my english ... I\'m french (Canada).


My question is verry simple(I think)

Is it possible to have uppercase name for table with MySQL on Windows 2K.


Every time I try it change the name to all lowercase.

I\'ve search on the MySQL Web site and this is what I found:


\"One way to avoid this problem is to start mysqld with -O lower_case_table_names=1. By default this option is 1 on Windows and 0 on Unix.


If lower_case_table_names is 1 MySQL will convert all table names to lowercase on storage and lookup. (From version 4.0.2, this option also applies to database names. From 4.1.1 this also applies for table alias).


I tried this in my my.ini file:

Server=C:/mysql/bin/mysqld.exe -O lower_case_table_names=0


but it is not working.


Can anny body help me?

I don\'t now where to look for a solution.


Thank in advance for your time

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:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:


I\'ve I said something wrong ??


Is it really a big problem or is it just so obvious and \"stupid\" that nobody wants to answer??


I need some help



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