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Approximately 3 or 4 years ago, my company undertook a complete website redevelopment.  It is at that time that we incorporated php and the feedback from customers has been great thus far.  However, we are now contemplating a pretty serious effort to redesign/upgrade/update.   I have some pretty specific ideas regarding new things (flash video for home page, bandwidth direction...eventual shopping cart)  but before moving too far forward, I want to have a solid foundation.   I am the idea guy for the company website who works closely with an outside web developer.  If there are security issues, usability issues, etc...I wouldn't necissarily know....unless i'm told by said developer.   Sometimes when you are so involved in a project, you fail to see problems right in front of your eyes...and second opinions are always helpful.  So...here is my site:




Don't be gentle.

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"Don't be gentle."


I like the functionality of it. You select an item and the image shows the item. Very cool. The layout is also nice. I think the design though is bland.


Give it a footer and maybe use the header width (the flash file) and make the below content the same. Maybe give it a dark background, while leaving the left and right outer border the white they are now. It'll look tightened up.



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a couple of things. I'm just looking at the main page.


At work I use a Mac so this might be just a browser conflict but as web designers this is something important and should be taken care of. Again I'm on a Mac using FireFox.


1. Your navigation bar disappears when I rollover "Our Products" also the navigation bar should be the same length of the banner.

2. Your "search by application" box jumps when you rollover "Mechanical Connections" because connections is dropping to another line.

3. The image under "Quick Product Selector" drops on top of the "NEW Product - Soldering Iron Maintenance Kits" box

4. Add a footer


other than that nice site.



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Quick points:

None of your floated images are cleared; this can cause problems down the road.

Your logo is black and red, and your site is blue. Think about using the logo colors for a uniform visual feel for the company.

The menu hover effects are annoying-I've always tried to avoid doing things like going for regular to italic fonts for a hover effect, because it's distracting.

While you're coding, try to clean up the code to W3C standards, maybe even go for XHTML validation; valid code saves you from a lot of glitches down the road.

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heres what my professor told me when i was in school never to have your site page long people will not look at the bottom of the page specially when its there first time to visit


I don't know if I agree with this for the ENTIRE site but for the FRONT page this is true. I don't mind having a lot of products on a page if it is what I am looking for (ebay is a good example) and in some instances I prefer a lot of products on a page, but the front page should be sized so you don't have to scroll down.


If you just make your body color black, you might really be surprised how much better it looks. If you try black and don't like, just play around a little bit with color. If you are able to add a table to the center do that and then add body color (it will color the outside). It really makes a huge difference.


I really like the way your products are accessed. Your header is clean and I am not sure that you want to make your logo the same color as the rest of the page. Sometimes contrast can look good and it draws attention to the item or in this case logo. Earlier today I was working on a site for a client and the entire site is black and white except for the logo which is in color. The contrast is really cool and makes the logo really stand out. Good job on your site and good luck.

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Thanks everyone.  I appreciate the feedback and will check in as the next 'generation' of the website nears completion.  Any tips/advise on adding flash video and on diverting visitors to different homepages dependent upon their connection/bandwidth speed? 

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