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unexpeireienced? need a CSS website style sheet?

post your name, style sheet colors, and if you have a myspace below!

[move]seamus AKA myspaceuser217 @ http://www.myspace.com/myspaceuser217 ADD ME.[/move]

There is no standard stylesheet. stylesheets are custom made to fit your site.


I'd suggest your learn CSS/HTML first before creating any website.


You can easly learn CSS/HTML from http://www.w3schools.com very easy to follow tutorials.


if you mean stylesheets for myspace then search "Myspace templates" in google. there are plenty websites out there.

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That, and think for a moment here: there are a ton of MySpace template generators online for free; you are advertising yourself on a board of web designers, most of whom, presumably, know CSS as well as if not better then you do; and your own MySpace is set to Private so that we can't even see an example of your work, leaving only your word as to your skill.

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um wow ok pretty cold whatever :-\ wow but still if anyone here is unexpeirienced and came here to learn like me.... just do what i say up there :D


i came here to learn why is every one pretty much blowin me off on this forum?

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It's the approach, dude. Sure, the free stylesheet offer might be tempting, but you don't really describe it in much detail; and once you did give a clearer idea of what you were offering, it's just something that can be found with a quick Google search for a CSS generator. You also didn't present your offer very well-you just said FREE STYLE SHEET! and dropped a quick MySpace reference, not to mention you used the annoying scrolling text. PROPER GRAMMAR is also very important when you use a text-based introduction like this-capitalization, punctuation, and spelling become crucial to conveying professionalism.

As for the coldness, well, I'm just a brutally honest person, sometimes to my detriment; sorry if I seemed harsh.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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