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Many rows or many fields?


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I've been trying to search on google and here but I haven't found anything on the subject.


What I want to know is, which one of these is a better practice.


1. Having 1 row for hour so 24 rows per day

2. Having 1 row per day but 24 fields in the table


Which one would be the best to go for, assuming my table will grow very large in the future.


Thank you for any inputs.

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I don't think having 24 columns vs 24 rows would make much of a difference in terms of table size (you're still storing the same data).


However, I would recommend doing one row per hour rather than one row per day. 24 columns would make things really confusing, and you'd need other columns besides one for each hour (one to uniquely identify each row, one to keep track of which day it was, etc.).

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