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Random appearing rendering problem in firefox


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Hallo, i belive i have found a bug in FireFox's rendering. The reason i belive this is, because it happens "randomly", and i dont think theres any overflow witch is making it happen.


In short, you should take a look at my website www.brugbart.dk, and repeatly click the LeftMenu link called "Grafik og Animation", if you do it fast enough, firefox should "push" some content in the right menu.


It used to push the whole RightMenu below the LeftMenu(Update: seams like this is still the case when hitting update insted), but foth i solved that by applaying a "overflow-x: hidden;" on the CenterContent, (that is the middle column), is anyone familiar with this problem, do you think its a bug?, and is there anything i can do to make it stop?

I am almost 100% shure that its the List's im using, the solution would be to stop using lists, but ofcause i'd rather find another solution. (this isent suposed to happen)


Anyway, if you cant reproduce the situration, then it must be somthing on my computer, but so far i've only got Talkback, and "Add N Edit Cookies" installed in firefox, i just uninstalled ICQ toolbar, and some webdesigner tools witch i wasent using anyway.


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But you shure its not happening, not even when hitting the green arrow by the address feild fast?




Edit: Just tested it on a difrent machine, and i was still able to reproduce the bug, if it is a bug in the first place. It just seam wired that it only happen somtimes.

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Ahh, now I see it. It might be because you've aligned the whole thing with float: left;. Try using http://www.alistapart.com/articles/holygrail/ for an example on fixing your code.


Hehe, the only thing wrong with my code as far as i know, is that i use "-moz-box-sizing: border-box;" since it dosent support the standard one.

I dont think theres anything wrong with my code, and that dident explain why it only happen somtimes. Maybe because i used EM, have no idea.

Ive used float lots of times, without having this happen to me. But to design a page like this is still rather new to me, its my first page using EM insted of pixels.


I might aswell try to scratch the design insted, as done in the article everyone keeps posting, and see if i can some up with somthing i like.

shouldent take more then 5-6 hours, ah damn.. Anyway, i posted this on mozillas forum, maybe they can point me twords the source.

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Generally, if you can get this to be completely valid code, then it should work.


Yeah, should. But it dosent, and the above errors is why i generally validate my CSS with the CSS3 validator.

The reason i placed the Overflow attributes, was in an attempt to solve the problem, since i was asuming that there where some overflow that where cursing the problem, having overflow-x set to hidden would solve that (overflow-x/y being mozilla only as far as i know, anyway dident effect IE), but since there was no overflow it had no effect.


I removed the overflow-x/y attributes. And commented out "-moz-box-sizing: border-box;" since i suspected it of being the source, but again it dident seam to have any effect, other then producing valid CSS.


Im going to get some sleep, and then im re-thinking my layout later. I think having a centered Basement with fixed width, and then having RightContent to actually float right will solve the problem.

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I think i finally got it right, insted of having all the divs Float: left, i not got one wrapper floating left, 2 divs inside floating left/right, and my 3th column is outside the wrapper floating right.


So lets see how this works, i like this more then having a bunch of negative margins, because it works in IE aswell.

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