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the apprentice webmaster

anyone help please

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guy i have a members database like that

first_name varchar(50) NO
last_name varchar(50) NO
email_address varchar(50) NO
signup_date datetime NO
verified enum('0','1') NO 0
last_login datetime NO
bio tinytext NO
admin_access enum('0','1') NO 0
username varchar(50) NO

ok guys , now i wanna create the admistrator username and password so that i can sign in as a administrator , how can i insert the username n passwors in the members tab , so can anyone tell me how to do this thx i'll be waiting for your reply thx

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when you register you have to have admin_access set to 1 which you probable do then you have to have your page check to see if the admin is signed in
$getadmin=mysql_query("select * from your_table");
echo "you admin code"
echo "your visitors code"

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