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PHP User Permissions

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I was assigned to find a free, server-side spell checker for ASP. After scouring the web, I couldn't find one for less than $300. I did, however, find [a href=\"http://spellerpages.sourceforge.net/\" target=\"_blank\"]Speller Pages[/a]. Even though it is written in PHP, it seemed to be a worthy product. After proposing the idea to the project lead, we decided the potential security risks (runing PHP and ASP side-by-side in the same application) were less than the need for the spell checker, so I installed PHP on the development server (Win2K3/IIS6) via the quick PHP install binary (time is a factor here). As I was installing Speller Pages, I kept having to open up bigger and bigger security holes (like having to give IUSR_[name] permissions to c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe). Once I finally got it running, I discovered that it would only run for users that happened to be admins on the development box. I figured out that the server was running all PHP scripts under the username of the person who is calling the scripts. This presents a problem, since Speller Pages requires write permissions to a directory (for a temporary file), and I can't grant EVERYONE those permissions. After some research, I found that IIS on our development server uses Integrated Windows Authentication and Anonymous Access is disabled -- it's unlikely that I can change this.

My first thought was to re-write the Speller Pages PHP script in ASP, but then I'd likely still have the same permissions problem as I am currently, so why waste the time?

My question is: is there any way I can run PHP under one username that has been given the proper permissions? If so, how can I set it up that way?

And if anyone knows of a free, ASP-based, server-side spell checker, that might help me more than answering the above question.

Thank-you guys!!

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Are you talking about running php from cli or in a (web)server environment? As far as I know, php in a server environment runs as the same user as the server process. At least in Apache anyway.

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