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percent formatting problem

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How do you format the relevance or score in results from a full text MySQL search? I just can't seem to get the math correct. My results are displaying fine, and I realize that the results are sorted based on the highest relevance or score, but I would like to display the relevance, such as 100%, 99%, etc. and have the number rounded so the viewer can see for themselves how high the ranking is for a certain search. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

$strTemp = trim($_REQUEST['txtSearch']);

  $sql = "SELECT *, MATCH(Name) AGAINST ('$strTemp') AS score FROM ObitData WHERE MATCH(Name) AGAINST('$strTemp') ORDER BY score DESC";

while ($Search = mysql_fetch_array($Recordset1)) {

$val = round(($Search['score'] / mysql_num_rows($Search)) * 100);

echo "Result: " . $val . "% " . $Search['Name'] . "<br>";

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