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mysql help Table '*****.categories' doesn't exist


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hey all thanks for reading

i have purchased this game website script and im having a bit of trouble setting it up

i receive this error


Table 'spleblem_games3.categories' doesn't exist


im not sure why the .categories is there as the tables name is just spleblem_games3



thanks in advance for any help.


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atleast you need to post ur new.php code


and make sure that database names and table names are matched.


these are the couple of statements ,can help u

// to ge the databases list, check whether spleblem_games3 exist or not

>show databases;

if it is there then

>use spleblem_games3;

to ge the lst of tables in the database

>show tables;


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right here is the new.php script

include "../conn.php";
if(!isset($_SESSION['username'])  &&    !isset($_SESSION['password'])){
header("Refresh: 5;url=index.php");  
echo "You are not logon password is required to access this file...";

$sql = "select * from categories order by cName";
$rec=mysql_query($sql,$db) or die(mysql_error());
$datas = mysql_fetch_array($rec);

$cats .= "<option value='$datas[cId]'>$datas[cName]</option>";
}while($datas = mysql_fetch_array($rec));

$displaytxt = "<form method ='post' action='savenewgame.php' enctype='multipart/form-data'>
Category List :
<select name='category'>$cats</select><br>
Game Title : <input type = 'text' name='gametitle' size='30'><br>
Game Description <br>
<textarea name='description' rows='12' cols='60'></textarea><br>
Thumbnail : <input type='file'  name='gamepic' size='20'> <br>
Game            : 
<input type='file'  name='gamefile' size='20'>
<input type='submit' value='Add this game' name ='submit'>


include "template.php";


hope this can help you help me.

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