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New guy needs help :P Getting Data From a Row,

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Okay, Hi I\'m new here ^_^ Nice to meet you\'ll.


Okay Ive been trying to get a good answer since im not soo good with Php/MySQL ive tryed alot, manuels and all those wonderful things and tryed another forum but they don\'t seems to give me the answer I need.


What I\'m trying to do is getting the data from `group`

where username = $username, what ever it is that is in `group` colum of that row, and echo the data,


heres on of the many thing ive tryed and my current code

mysql_result doesnt work gives me that error below:

Warning: Wrong parameter count for mysql_result() in /home/lexdark/public_html/animegenki/forums/tp.php on line 15


My code bellow





<title>Test Page</title>




$chost = \"localhost\";

$cuser = \"lexdark_Saizen\";

$cpassword = \"master\";

$cdatabase = \"lexdark_agenki\";

$conn = mysql_connect($chost, $cuser, $cpassword);

mysql_select_db($cdatabase,$conn) or die(\"Access to the database has been denied, please report this error to admin@lexdark.com\");

// Actual Codes

$fonction = mysql_query (\"SHOW `group` FROM `members` WHERE username = \'Saizen\'\");

$sql = mysql_result($fonction);

echo ($sql);







Thanks for any help u can give me and please make it clear ^_^

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Try this;


$fonction = mysql_query (\"select group FROM members WHERE username = \'Saizen\'\");

if(mysql_num_rows($fonction) > 0){

$row = mysql_fetch_array($fonction);

do {

echo $row[\'group\'];

$row = mysql_fetch_array($fonction);




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i found how to stold IT OMG! Im soo happy ^_^


thanks for the help and time provided guys ^_^

have a nice day.

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