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Member Administration and Authintication

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I am not a programmer, nor do I have any working skills with programming. What I'd like to know is just what kind of work is involved in writing scripts like admin and authin and if commercial types worth the cost.

I need to have a fully operational website for membership with $$$ subscription with a lot of bells and whistles. What bells and whistles I don't know yet but want to figure that out too. While I'd like to give a job to someone that wants it through PHP Freak's site, what can I expect in quality, security and cost?

Thanks to anyone that can share their experience or talent.

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Guest footballkid4
The things you will need for your website:[list][*]MySQL Database - For your account information[*]PHP 4.3+ - Just because anything before that version is going to get you lost[*]OpenSSL - Addition for PHP/Apache which enables secure connections (for your money subscriptions)[*]MainStream ECommerce - I believe Verisign does this[/list]
The things you should look for when finding a developer:[list][*]Devoted Member[*]More than just two posts on PHPFreaks[/list]
You should probably ask the person who will be working for you to make a few sample scripts first, proving what he/she can do. Ask them some questions...make sure they know the things you want before you start paying them to work.

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