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*SOLVED* PHP Calculator

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I have a calculator on my site that adds up depending on the data passed over from the previous page

I have just installed a new email script as other one went up the shoot so I have had to change from

<?php echo $_POST["email"]; ?>


<?php print "$email";?>

If i use the old version the data doesnt show, the calculator I'm using is

$_POST['Adults'] = '2';
$start = 80;
$end = 0;
if("$kids" == '4'){
$end = $start + 17;
$end = $start + 0;
if($_POST['wintersports'] == '7'){
$end = $end + 25;
}elseif($_POST['wintersports'] == '14'){
$end = $end + 45;
$end = $end + 0;
if($_POST['Age'] == '18-70'){
$end = $end + 0;
}elseif($_POST['Age'] == '71+'){
$end = $end + 85;
$end = $end + 0;
$end = $start;
echo '£'.$end;

How can i make the calculator work again ???

Many thanks


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I would guess that the new script is sending variables via GET instead of POST.

Try altering the other variables the same way, eg. removing the $_POST['variable'] and just expressing them as $variable. Alternately, try substituting the $_POST with either $_GET, or $_REQUEST (which will catch both GET and POST data).

The first option should work, since the fact that $email works the same as $_POST['email'] suggests that register_globals is enabled.

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