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First time posting in the CSS forum - woohoo! Anyways...


I'm curious if the CSS gurus know if there are any prebaked CSS libraries/stylesheets with control themes. There might be a better name for it than this, but basically what I'm looking for is a stylesheet that defines a default for how text boxes, buttons, textareas, dropdowns etc look. I think having a handful of standard stylesheets that I can swap in/out depending on the project would be a handing thing to have. If I have to write them from scratch I can do it, but I figure it'd be more helpful if there is already some stuff out there for me to start from.


Thanks for the help :)

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Thanks for the reply. Perhaps I was unclear.


I'm certainly not an expert at CSS and don't develop all my sites with a pure CSS layout, but I'm no newbie either. I'm not really looking for a library of templates as the link that you gave seemed to suggest. I'm looking for one or more stylesheets that set the properties for form controls (buttons, textarea, textbox, checkbox, radiobutton, drop down menu, etc etc).


I can absolutely write my own from scratch if that's where it ends up. It just seems like this is a basic enough thing that there ought to already be some stuff out there.

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