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GD2 intallation

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Hi Gurus,

I want to use GD2 with JPgraph to have graphs and charts for my data. Below are my PHP and other details.

Operating system: Windows server 2000
Webserver: Apache 4.0.15
Script: PHP 4.3.3

relavent Contents of PHP.ini : doc_root = e:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs
extension_dir = "./"
extension=php_gd2.dll I have removed ";"

GD: I have a folder by name gd-2.0.33 with .C files
JPGraph: JPgraph 1.20.3

I have a webapplication running sucessfully with the above php.ini settings, I need to use GD2 so please help me to configure GD2 and use it in my scripts

Thanks in advance,

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GD2 is already compiled with PHP on WIndows. In order to use GD you will need to enable the php_gd2.dll file and you'll be able to use the various GD2 functions.

Just open up you php.ini file and setup the line that says extension_dir so it points to the PHP extension folder.

Then scroll alittle further and you'll need to remove the ; from the start of the line that says:

Once you have done that save the PHP.ini file and restart your server for the changes to be made.

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